Bushfire Prevention Systems

As a bushfire passes through an area, buildings are subject to radiant heat and direct flame contact, however hot embers can also start spot fires up to 5 km ahead of the fire front. In fact, the majority of homes lost in bushfires are the result of ember attack.

An effective bushfire prevention system works in a number of ways;

  • Wetting down roof and gutters to help prevent ember attack.
  • Wetting down the surrounding yard and vegetation to help reduce the fire intensity and reduce flammability.
  • The resultant increase in humidity from wetting the surrounding area also helps to reduce fire intensity, as it creates a less supportive environment for the fire.

Bushfire prevention systems will help to defend your property and increase the chance of your home surviving during a bushfire, and are highly recommended for all homes located within bushfire prone areas.

It is important to note that bushfire prevention systems are not intended to put out fires, and should be used in conjunction with other preventative measures (gutter guards, keeping the yard tidy, fire breaks to enable access by the fire services, etc).

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